match against skotta

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match against skotta

Post by RonaldReedijk on Thu Jun 17, 2010 6:34 pm

Bobby Black walks to the backstage-area and meet RonaldReedijk.

Bobby Black: He RonaldReedijk, how are you doing??

RonaldReedijk turns around and looks a bit surprise

RonaldReedijk: Wow, thats a long time ago that I see you here.

Bobby Black: I know, just come back from a holiday.

RonaldReedijk: Oh great man.

Bobby Black: But I saw, you have a match tonight against rookie Skotta.

RonaldReedijk starts laughing.

RonaldReedijk: Rookie or not, he attack me last week on the Carnage show and now he has to pay for it and for Submarineguy, he will pay this saturday at the ppv, nobody touch my girlfriend.

Bobby Black looks a Antoinette.

Bobby Black: She looks hot man.

RonaldReedijk started looking mad.

RonaldReedijk: Don't even think about to touch her, you have seen what I have done to Submarineguy and this saturday at the PPV, I will finished it, ones and for all.
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