Skotta Introduction

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Skotta Introduction

Post by skotta on Sun Jun 06, 2010 9:03 pm

Tracy Elmin: Goodevening everybody, i have heard that a new star has joined MAW, lets see if i can find him.

Camera follows Tracy as she walks backstage towards the fitness room.

Tracy Elmin: well folks i think i found him, look at that fysique

Camera turns and shows skotta working out

Tracy Elmin: Hi skotta, may i ask some questions?

Skotta: Sure go ahead Hun, but don't get to personal

Tracy Elmin: What brings you here in MAW?

Skotta: well my mentor RonaldReedijk is the face of this show, and i thought maybe i can earn some money here, so i can pay him back, after all, i learned the buisiness from him

Tracy Elmin: okay and where will you be in a few weeks?

Skotta: on top offcourse (big smile) i have seen the wrestlers here, they are good, but certainly not good enough for me.

Tracy Elmin: thanks for your time skotta, i will let you continu your workout.

Skotta: you may disturb me always Tracy (big smile)

Skotta takes the hand of tracy and gives a small handkiss.

Tracy Elminslightly off balance

Tracy Elmin: back to Dave and Gary at ringside

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