match against RonaldReedijk

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match against RonaldReedijk

Post by skotta on Sun Jun 20, 2010 6:16 pm

Tracy Elmin: Goodevening everybody, Im Backstage Looking fort hat new young star that shocked the wrestling World last week with his brutal attack on the Face of MAW RonaldReedijk.

*Camera follows Tracy as she walks backstage towards the dressingroom.
*door opens, and Skotta comes out of the dressingroom with fear in his eyes.

Tracy Elmin: Hi skotta, why did you attack RonaldReedijk the way you did?

Skotta: Well First of all, im sick and tired of that loud mouth ordering me around, Second he keeps bothering me of me having to repay the cost i made during training years.

Tracy Elmin: What do you think will happen during the match tonight?

Skotta: Everbody thinks Ronald will crush me, probably he will, but he might underastimate me and then i will hammer him again and again with the same chair that i used last week.
I know his weaknesses and will make use of that.

Tracy Elmin: last week i asked you where you would be in a few weeks, what are your plans now?

*A loud bang at the end of the hall scares Skotta

Skotta: still on top (very nervous) but First i have to make sure I beat RonaldReedijk, Im of now bye

*Skotta turns and graps the steel chair as he walks to appron.

Tracy Elmin: back to Dave and Gary at ringside

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