Surgeon´s Pre-Match

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Surgeon's Pre-Match

Post by Surgeon General on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:44 am

A sultry woman dressed in a nurse outfit that is more befitting Halloween instead of clinical use struts through the curtain. Steps to the side, and doing her best Vanna White impression, points toward the curtain, drawing attention to the person coming out behind her.

Surgeon General 666 throws the curtains open, smoke whirling about from the displaced air.

He walks down the ramp, briefly pausing to threaten a small child at ringside.

Upon arriving at the ring, he stalks up the steps, wipes his feet on the ring apron, and orders the lovely nurse, Nurse Betty, to bring him a microphone the way a house pet would fetch a newspaper.

Nurse Betty runs over to the ring announcer, Goron Youslaf, and in a flirting manner, acquires the microphone from him. She rushes back the whole five feet to the ring and hands the microphone to Surgeon General.

He clears his throat.

Surgeon General: Maximum Action Wrestling, What have you done? This is Maximum Force right? So, This Michael Byrne guy is supposed to be in charge? What is he thinking?

Dave Jones: Great way to introduce yourself to your boss. Someone cut his mic.

Gary Smith: What?! Are you kidding? I like him already.

Surgeon General: Who do you have me booked against tonight? Submarineguy? Who is he? Have you even heard of him? Do you know who I AM?!

The crowd begins to boo really loudly. Some trash and soda cups get tossed toward the ring.

Surgeon General: Just what I'd expect from fans in this city. You wouldn't know good wrestling if it broke your legs. I suppose you'd rather see someone get smashed in the face with a garbage can instead?

The crowd reaction turns to cheers and is almost as rowdy as the boos that came before.

Surgeon General
: Yeah, that's not going to happen. I'm going to take this...Submarineguy, and I'm going to put on a WRESTLING clinic. Keyword: Wrestling.

The crowd is reduced to booing the uncaring surgeon once again.

Surgeon seems to grow angry at the wishy washiness of the fans.

Surgeon General: Since you're booing me, you obviously have no idea just who I am. They call me the Sadistic Surgeon. THE Demented Doctor. I AM Surgeon General 666 and in a little while, I'm going to show all you fans, MAW, Michael Byrne, and anyone else in the back what REAL wrestling looks like! Submarineguy, you can run, hide, scream, shout, call your mom, ask your dad to beat me up, tell your teacher, and file a complaint with our boss, because nothing....NOTHING is going to stop me from bending you, breaking you, and leaving you in PIECES!

Surgeon's music hits, he exits the ring, taking Nurse Betty by the wrist, almost pulling her back up the ramp, as more boos and trash litter the arena.

Gary Smith: Sounds like Submarineguy is going to get stretched tonight.

Dave Jones: Sounds like someone is a bit to arrogant if you ask me.

Gary Smith: Yeah...Well...Who asked you? Can't wait to see his match later on tonight.

*End Segment*

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