Tols Gimmick

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Tols Gimmick

Post by tolshortte on Sat Oct 02, 2010 7:56 pm

Name: Tolshortte
Face or Heel : Tweener
Height : 6' 2"
Weight: 275 lbs
Hometown: Detroit Michigan
Physical Appearance:
Clothing: Black Combat Boots and Black Blue Jeans. Silver Holy Cross Necklace.
Scars: Burn scar on upper back and lower neck

Gimmick: Believes that angels speak to him since his miraculous recovery from some extreme injuries. He believes it is his duty to destroy all those he considers wicked. His strength and stamina are strong assets but they are nothing compared to his will and determination. He will always obsessively pursue any end he sees as "righteous" even at the expense of friendships, which explains why he refrains from pursuing relationships more often than not.

Nickname: Heavens Wrath

Catchphrases: "No Love for the wicked" & "I am the sword, I am the shield, I .. Am .. Heavens .. Wrath!!

Taunts: Last Rights - Pushes his opponent to his knees and makes a few symbolic gestures executing The Last rights

Trademarks: Mass Deliverance, Cross to bear

Finisher Descriptions:
-Soul Cleanser - gorilla presses the opponent high above his head as a sinister smile creeps across his face
quickly pulls his opponent down by his shoulders and slams him on the back of his neck

Picture: (coming soon)

Once a man of meager stature, Tolshortte's life started as normal as most. Until one day while walking home from work, he was assaulted by a local gang and left for dead. To make matters worse, as he lay in a puddle in some deserted alley, he was struck by a bolt of lightning.

It was thought by all that he would succomb to his injuries, but on his seventh day in the hospital, he rose seemingly completely healed.

Since that day he has believed he was visited by angels and has vowed to battle against any wrong doer he may come across.

A friend introduced him to the WG and in time he noticed many involved in this great past time were devious and sinister. So he immediately began a workout regiment many thought would do more damage than his accident did, signed up with the WG and has begun his purge of the wicked.

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