Afro's Gimmick

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Afro's Gimmick

Post by Gast on Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:49 pm

My Characters name Is AfroSamurai

Born an Raised From The Ninjetu Tribe In West Africa Afro was One of the Most Feared Wrestlers and Martial Artist to ever have come to man.

He is Also Trained in Armed and Unarmed Combat and is a form a very long line of elite warriors.

AfroSamurai was one of the onlyfew Warriors From his tribe that left the shores of West Africa to make a name from himself and is a very proud Advocate of the Ninja Law of Honor in combat and intense training.

Afro Is a Tweener

Hieght 6"2

Weight 240 lbs


* Afro death lock
* Afrodizzyact
* Deep meditation
* Modified Knee Stomp
* Modified Samoan Drop
* Modified Uraken
* Ninjetu afro drop 2 0
* old school throwback

Afro Will Be Involved in a Feud With My Other Alt Daphenom They are arched Enemies as both Were born in the same Tribe However Daphenom Left when his Family was disgraced when he was younger and ever since then Daphenom has blamed afro for his families torment.

This feud can have so many angles could go from arch enemies to tag team partners who knows as my imagination is endless.

Afro's Main Goal Is To prove that the way of the Ninja the the most dedicated and powerful. And also aspire to be the heavyweight champion.


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