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Gimmick of the Boss...

Post by Booker T on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:09 am

Booker T is a cocky heel who thinks he's the best of the best and he accepts every challenge he gets! He loves all of the gimmick matches available.

This young man had a bad youth in Belgium he was several times arrested for beating people up because he so aggressive and loves to fight. He's dream was always fighting in a competition therefore he moved to the USA. Where he followed lessons in the Pro Wrestling Academy in Houston, Texas. His trainer (Ivan Putski former WWF star) sawed immediately that Booker T has great talent. Ivan said to Booker T that Booker has much potential with his aggresive fighting skills. He said also to Booker that he soon as possible must join a Wrestling Fed. That has succeeded him and now he is a Pro Wrestler as a member of Maximum Action Wrestling, he can now beat people up legally and he will payed for.
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