The King Speaks

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The King Speaks

Post by King Arthur on Fri Feb 19, 2010 10:58 pm

The MAWTron turns on to see Dave Jones standing next to a new member of MAW getting ready to speak to him

Dave: I'm here with one of the new members of MAW. His name is Arth...

Before Dave can finish his sentence, he is cut off by the man

Man: Peasant! Do not speak about be that way.

The man slaps Dave in the face

Man: My name is King Arthur! You shall recognize royalty or pay the price.

Dave: My apologies King Arthur.

King: That is right peasant. The next time you get it wrong, that'll be your head.

Dave: Ok, King Arthur. Moving right along. Let's talk about you and MAW.

King: Well peasant. It is quite simple. I am here to show the world how dominant I am. I am blessed with speed and quickness. All those who bow before me will be spared. Those who fail to bow to me will be brought to their knees and I shall make them beg for mercy. I am here at MAW and I will make this a spectacular show. Now get out of my way peasant. The King has a match. The King has spoken!

King Arthur pushes Dave out of the way as he walks towards his locker room to change and get ready for his match
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