stevie speaks about his title match for 22nd of june show (open to wrasler or someone else to come in)

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stevie speaks about his title match for 22nd of june show (open to wrasler or someone else to come in)

Post by stevie on Sat Jun 19, 2010 2:44 am

~animals by nickleback is played as stevie comes down to the ring with a mic in hand and a big smile on his face~

Stevie: "Last week i had the biggest match of my carrer so far against the maw open champion wrasler and no one! absoulty no one!, can say i didnt bting my a game that night im not gonna make an excuses for my lose wrasler beat me fair and sqaure. i know that. But i wanna see someone come out and say that i didnt push him to the edge one more move or finisher and i would of had that match won but luckly for him i wasnt able to knock him out that night."

~stevie pauses and walks around the ring~

Stevie: "I proved in that match i have what it takes to me a champ i know i did and no one can say otherwise. So this is my question tonight and its to wrasler. ONE MORE MATCH!.

~The crowd cheers at the anticaption of another match between these to stars~

Stevie: "Come on wrasler what do you say? one more match?

~stevie waits a few seconds but no answer from wrasler~

Stevie: "Ok how about this what if i say you can pick the match type? and wether its for your title or not? so game on wrasler the balls in your court!

~stevie waits in the ring for an answer~


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Re: stevie speaks about his title match for 22nd of june show (open to wrasler or someone else to come in)

Post by THEROACHKILLER on Mon Jun 21, 2010 8:35 pm

Suddenly THEROACHKILLER shows up into the entire Arena.

THEROACHKILLER: So, what are you thinking about? That you deserve to get a title match? Again?! No way Stevie!!! And you know that you don't deserve it. And I'd like to say that you do not deserve to be in this ring. So just leave MAW away and you'll be feeling better...

Stevie: What the hell are you saying?! I mean you came down to throw me some stupid things. Are you telling me that you're better than me? That you're going to be a new champ?...

THEROACHKILLER: Don't say what I did not say. I've told you that you better leave MAW away because I've seen your match last week and Wraslar won anyway. Then I guess you got to get fired. That I've said, yes!

Stevie: Come on Killer! I take on you. Come on. And we will see who's going to be fire. I'm putting my carrer on the line. Are you on?

THEROACHKILLER doesn't say anything and looks around the arena.

Stevie: Come on! You're coming out to talk but I'd like to get some actions on here. Why don't you...

THEROACHKILLER: How the hell dare you to tell me what I should say. I mean, who are you to tell that! And by the way, I'm not putting my career on the line tonight because I've got another match tonight against Submarineguy and you'll se what the hell I'll be doing to Submarineguy but if I were you, I would have been to the GM's office to tell him what's on your bloody mind!

Michael Byrne appears on the tron.

Michael Byrne: What the hell are you doing here TheRoachKiller? This is not your business, So if I was you I directly leaves the tron and get ready for your match.

THEROACHKILLER: But I'm better then stevie and I can beat Wraslar.

Michael Byrne: You can beat Wraslar?? Don't make me laugh, You can proof yourself tonight against Submarineguy and it will not be a normal match, but a Last Blood match.

THEROACHKILLER: You don't mean that?

Michael Byrne: Oh yes I am and now get the hell out of my face.

THEROACHKILLER leaves the arena and returns to the backstage.

Stevie is still waiting for something to happen.

Michael Byrne: So and you want a rematch..Oke, You have one.. On the PPV this saturday you get your change at Wraslar for the title... and it will be a best of 3 Submissionmatch.

Stevie gets a evil smiley on his face.

Stevie: I'm going to make Wraslar tape out forever.

Michael Byrne leaves the tron
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