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250 lbs

Somewhere in Sweden

Not much is known about Hagbard's history, but you can tell from his in-ring style that he is well versed in different arts of war. From a second to another he can go from an all out brawler, to powerful throws, to elaborate submission moves.

Though Hagbard's great interests in life at first glance seem to be mead and women, he has a fierce temper and has never backed down from a fight. His friendship with Ryder has also shown that he has a sense of humor, albeit a very special one.

Fan Reaction:
A face loved by beer drinkers all over the world!

Tag team:
Brothers of the North (with Ryder)


Midgard Serpent (submission)
Hagbard turns his stunned opponent on his belly and locks in a left half nelson
Hagbard's right hand grabs the opponent's left arm, choking him with it, then stands them both up, shaking the opponent violently from side to side executing a Mortal Midgard Serpent

Mjolner Hammer (pin)
Hagbard looks at the groggy opponent then runs into the opposite ringropes bounces off them and comes running against the opponent at high speed
Hagbard spins around while running, clutches his fists together and furiously strikes the opponent straight in the head landing on top of him hooking the leg executing a LEGENDARY Mjolner Hammer

Bifrost Bridge (submission)
Hagbard grabs the face down the opponent's both hands and puts his boot on his neck
Hagbard pulls the arms hard while pushing even harder with his boot executing a light Bifrost Bridge

Hagbard loudly recites his deeds and accolades executing a Runes to my memory

Trademark moves:
Runestone Slam (Steenalizer)
Longship Piledriver (Cradle Piledriver)

Entrance Music:
"Pursuit of Vikings" by Amon Amarth

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