More heated up than never before!

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More heated up than never before!

Post by Gast on Wed May 05, 2010 12:12 am

The scene opens up with Niv standing in the middle of the ring, armed with a microphone in his right hand. ‘Firestarter’ by Prodigy can be heard loudly, the intensity the waves reach in the loudspeakers is admirable. As the trademarked theme begins to die, he raises the microphone.

: Allow me to skip through cordialities and politics, to approach the point straight away. Next week, the MAW universe will be surrounded by the lovely atmosphere that any event of the caliber our PPV will deliver would bring. That’s right folks… that big night ahead of us, that is just in the net corner is so unique because our administrating committee lined up not once, but TWO fatal four away matches, where TWO of the federation belts will be on the line.

The crowd cheers.

Niv: Now that I already mentioned our administrating committee… let me explain one of the three reasons of why I’m winning the Action Championship in the unrepeatable spectacle. And that reason has surname. Reed-..Redjk-..Reekjd-… bah, screw it. Its name is Ronald. This nobody, will guarantee my victory, because he can’t look beyond his eyes. He is a puppet of Darious, nothing more… He is where he is, because some people don’t want dirt in his hands, so abracadabra! Ronald is the perfect candidate. Please, you really thought you had been chosen because of your skills? Seriously kid… I celebrate your innocence, because it will be a lot funnier once you get stabbed in the back as a lot others before in the business. Good luck with that, big fella.

The crowd reacts mainly supporting Ronald, some seem to support Niv though.

: Moving on… this guy is still like an unknown to me really… in the short time he has been in MAW, I haven’t noticed one single accomplishment to make him worth of my attention. I mean, even being the man to beat after all, what on earth has Abel done to deserve a spot that anyone else haven’t? I guess you could say ‘free lunches’ exist after all, right Abel? But anyways… I don’t have enough reasons nor patience to waste time with him.

He shakes his head.

Niv: And, finally we get to the top 1… Panzer. In the last seasons we have made sure to give a little portion of hell to each other, having the climax of the fairytale in the last PPV, when the village’s hero after all the difficulties and bumps the road presented defeated the at the moment invincible antagonist. Really dramatic… *He burst into a frenetic applause* Bravo Panzy! Against all the odds you overcame me… well I have news for you, like in every story, the peace never last long… It’s rather, the calm before the storm what you are experiencing now. Next week you will meet the rage I have had behind the bars for so long, and it’s screaming, BEGGING to be unleashed upon just one target, and my friend, once the key that keeps my inner demons in the shadows is handed to me in a golden tray with its victim’s name written all over it, I promise you, I will make sure you never, NEVER again return to be the wrestler you are today!


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