Wraslar on the prowl

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Wraslar on the prowl

Post by Wraslar on Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:39 pm

The camera cuts to a backstage view where Wraslar seems to be looking for something, or someone.

Wraslar: Hey you! Yeah you grease monkey. Where's the boss? Where is our GM?

Camera man: Um...

Wraslar: Sigh!.. I've had enough of this, our interviewers are getting beaten up by new signings and the GM does nothing ... in fact he has done something, he's the reason these inbreds are here!

Wraslar picks up a trash can and feints to smash it on the camera man, before throwing it off into the distance.

Wraslar: Boss man! Either you dish out the punishment... Or I will.


this is open for anyone to add to, but I would prefer it to be a heel, unless a face wants to team up to kick some heels asses lol

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