Abel-The Carpathian Prince

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Abel-The Carpathian Prince

Post by Abel on Thu Mar 25, 2010 8:42 am

Name: Abel DeLacroix
Nickname: Tank, Destroyer, The Carpathian Prince
Gimmick: Tweener
Age: 25
Height: 2,05m
Weight: 140kg
Music Theme:
Abel DeLacroix was born in 1985 in a small house in Marseilles, as the son of two university teachers. They moved in the city of Arad, Romania, when Abel was only 4,cause of their scientific researches. Apparently their research attracted the attention of a terrorist splinter group that wanted to use them for making biological viruses. At the age of 7 Abel began learning judo, his first martial art. As he grew up, he also began to practice savate, kickboxing, aikido, karate kyokushin and even dabbled into cappoeira. He was fascinated by martial arts and especially by submission locks. He inherited none of his parents' academic skills. Fighting was all that mattered to him, especially cause at the age of 13, his parents were tracked down and killed by a paid assassin. He was taken into foster care by a secret cult of monks, with their base somewhere into the Carpathian mountains. He remained there to be trained till the age of 20 when he left.
Abel then made an impressive debut in a local tournament called Local Kombat, when he defeated a local champion with an impressive move he called: "Marseille Clash". Afterwards, his life was a roller coaster of ups and downs. He began making a name for himself into MMA circuits, K1 and UFC. He gained a lot of nicknames during this time, the most famous one being the Carpathian Prince. Truth be told, Abel mixes strength with technicality and speed...he still hasn't perfected one of them yet, but all in due time and with hard training.
Still sunk in grief over the loss of his parents he tries to cover it well, by playing a cheerful tune, he sometimes lets out his anger and even declared once: "I am wrath made manifest!".
Now Abel embarked a new train, a new challenge. Pro-Wrestling. It is a world still unknown to him but as he said when he signed with MAW: "If mountains were easy to climb, God would have made them plains...i'll climb the mountain top and make sure i stay there" .
Time will tell...

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