A Different Tactic

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A Different Tactic

Post by DaPheNom on Mon Mar 08, 2010 11:27 pm

Daphenom is overjoyed after his victory and having just learnt that his arch rival has also won heads straight for his locker room

DaPhenom: "time to pay him a much deserved victory celebration Deaths style."

Just as Daphenom is headed for Afro's Locker he is stopped by a mystery man

"Stop, dont you want to wait to see if he progresses to the final there he will have no excuse for loosing to you with himself being 100 percent fit"
Daphenom looks at the mystery man raised his hand to choke him then stops

DaPhenom: Hmmm maybe your right, thats if he makes it to the final and if he does ima make sure i gain the title and leave him out of action Permanently.

Daphenom lets crack a dry smile and walks off in a cloud of smoke.

The Mystery man is exstatic

"My plan is working after all the longer these two fools are fighting over what i did to them all those years ago the longer my secret is kept"

The Mystery Man laughs to himself menacingly again and again and again.
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