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Extremely Entertaining E

Post by E on Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:56 am

E grew up watching his 2 brothers battling it out day by day on the ring. The oldest brother, going under the moniker of Phantom King, excelled in bleeding others, earning him the nickname of Blood Devil. His second brother, on the other hand, enjoys nothing more then to watch other screams to his submissions moves. A lunatic by nature, his fans grew accustomed to his high pitched voice singing lullaby while his prey screaming in agony in unison. And the legend of Dark Joker starts to gain ground.

The two brothers acknowledged the potentials harboring in their younger brother, teaching him all that they knew to him. Tragedy strikes, The Dark Joker died at a very young age in the ring thus E never really learn the secret art of submission till the very end. But TDJ's lunacy and tendency to entertain his fans rubs off on him and he strive to entertain his fans.. even trying to prolonging his matches.. playing and toying with his opponent before finally ending his matches with the dreaded Extermination move. A modified chokeslam and chokehold.

Haha.. I sux at stories lol.. on S1, the fed I'm in took care of all my RP as I'm their biggest star.. I dont really have much time to RP much. Anyway, this is the history of my character here.. both of his brothers are actually my other characters in the other server. This character is made with 1 sole purpose to farm tourney, its slower to build but it should provide enough money for entrance once set..

Anyway, to give an idea of this guy's personality, he is.. well, easy going. He likes to entertain his fans.. While his brothers are all efficient killing and sub machine, he got a lot of moves in his arsenal.. its pretty boring if all he do is punch, throat trust and uppercut all day long Wink All his personal moves starts with his name. For alignment, all his brother follows the chaotic path when deciding something, I dont really see him in that route tho.. He isn't evil, but he not really goody to shoes either.. If I do have to put an alignment to him, he most likely falls into neutral good .. Zorro, spiderman type
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