DaPheNom's Gimmcik

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DaPheNom's Gimmcik

Post by DaPheNom on Thu Feb 11, 2010 2:02 pm

DaPhenom Will be billed as a Tweener/ Heel

He was Born in the same villiage as AfroSamurai who were at a time the best of friends, then one unfortunate incident left Daphenoms Family disgraced and banished from the Villiage to move overseas.

Daphenoms Family Blamed Afro's Family for this and Even though Daphenom still has intensive Ninjetu combat skills he also has adopted a mystical unearthly style of combat that was taught to him by Destructo His mentor that quickly took him under his wing when he was a teenager.

Now Living In The Us Daphenom was instructed to take out revenge on his once best friend and restore his familys honour

Daphenom is billed at 6"4 260lbs


* Death's grip
* Deaths stare
* Inevitable end
* Modified DDT
* Modified Knee Stomp
* Modified Samoan Drop
* The phenomical end
* Your timely death
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