D Stroyer's Gimmick

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D Stroyer's Gimmick

Post by D Stroyer on Tue Aug 31, 2010 2:28 pm

In Ring name: D Stroyer
Real Name: Donovan Stroyer
Nationality: German
Favorite saying: De Nada
Height: 6'3" (1.95m)
Weight: 440 lbs (200kg)
Orientation: Face

(Got this idea from Mike Hawk)
Allies: None so far

Enemies: None so far


Trademarks (Subject to change in future)

D Stroyer skilfully raises his opponent
demolishing him with an hard bump, connecting with a devastating Nuclear drive!!!! (Samoan Driver)

D Stroyer lifts his running opponent by grabbing his arm
to make his face fall on the mat with an devastating Iron fist!! (Uraken)

D Stroyer jumps on the turnbuckle
and lands right on his opponent's back connecting with a powerful Bombs away!! (Skytwister Press)


D Stroyer kicks [nome] in the gut, grabs [nome] and pull [nome]''s head between his legs
then hooks his arms around [nome]''s waist, pulling [nome] up to sit on his shoulders then he lifts [nome] up and slam [nome] backfirst into the ground executing a devastating Weapon of Mass Dstruction (Lift up Powerbomb)

D Stroyer grabs [nome] ''s foot and start twisting
falling down and wrapping his legs around [nome] ''s leg as he keep twisting [nome] ''s foot executing a light Ground zero (Grapevine Ankle Lock)

D Stroyer grabs [nome] ''s arm and swing [nome] into the ropes [nome] rebounds
and he kicks [nome] in the face with a shuffle side kick executing a devastating Nuclear dstruction (Super Kick)


Suddenly high flames light on, as though the ‘Tron was set to fire!
D Stroyer makes his way to the ring
wearing black boots, black pants with a red sash around his waist, black fingerless glove on his right hand and a white bandage around his left arm

Personality: Being a face Donovan loves to help people, he would do anything for his friends as long as it is morally correct. Some have labeled Donovan as a Super Face because he really doesn't care for any belts, he helps even the backstage people with their work and rarely loses his calm. Donovan is known for his high work ethic as well as his love for good food, he rarely drinks, but loves his red meat and chicken. He doesn't care much about his looks, but his natural charm endears him to some of his female fans. Always willing to spend time with his fans Donovan turns into a crowd favorite no matter where he goes.

Bio: Donovan Stroyer was born in Germany, but his parents moved to America when his father's company opened a branch in California. Growing up D Stroyer was shunned by most of his peers as an "Outsider" or "Kraut", but this didn't put him down, he remained pleasant, yet firm with everybody and on numerous occasions he helped other children against bullies. Being a straight A student he joined the wrestling team to get rid of yet another tag "The Geek", he found that he excelled in wrestling, yet always shunned any form of championship. After finishing school Donovan joined the Free Circuit Academy where he learned the ropes, being forced into numerous title matches, Donovan started accumulating accolades. One year after starting at the Academy he got drafted into a Federation, Donovan quickly reverted to his old ways, helping out people, having fun with people and standing up for what is right. Usually a guy who is ready to have fun, Donovan can be drawn out of his shell quite quickly although he will never dance on a table

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