Nick 'The Ninja' Mann's Gimmick

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Nick 'The Ninja' Mann's Gimmick

Post by Nick Mann on Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:04 pm

Name: Nick Mann
Fan Reaction: Face => cross over to heel
Height: 6'2
Weight: 250 lbs
Hometown: Okinawa Japan
Physical Appearance: Asian, tanned, thin yet muscular.

Brought up in Okinawa, place of origin of the great Japanese martial art Karate, Naito was the youngest of three brothers. His father was a sensei at a Karate Academy in Okinawa, where he trained and fought many of the modern greats, such as Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Dumb and Jackie Chan! Naito was the runt of the litter, as he would always be forced to do extra work by his brothers whenever he tried to practice. Nevertheless, he was first in his class of 5,002 students , which made his father very proud and at the same time made his brothers very jealous of their Father's favour with Naito so one day they decided to frame Naito with a very serious crime. The punishment for such a crime was the stripping of all his honor and banishment from the Island. Later it was found that his brothers, Kotetsu and Akka, were responsible for the crime, and they were both banished as a result.

Naito, newly self-christened Nick, ran to America where he found refuge with a Karate master called David Carradine who was a friend of his father. Nick served under this master until he [the master] died. The karate dojo was then bulldozed and re-modelled into a wrestling academy. Nick remained there and honed his skills in high flying and submission moves. He graduated at the top of his class of again, 5,002 students.

He later met up with his brothers, who apologized to him and brought him a sword made by Jet Li , a gift given to their Father that Nick admired. Nick readily accepted their apologies and renamed his brothers Kotestsu and Akka to Chris and Alex respectively. They then went their seperate ways, vowing to again unite one day. In the meanwhile Nick looked to join a wrestling federation in honour of his fat uncle, who was a legendary Sumo wrestler.

Nicknames: "The Ninja" "The Hitman's Hitman" and "Bruce Lee Jr."
Catchphrases:"I'm the hit man's hit man!"
"I have a black belt in Kama Sutra-Do, otherwise know as the art of love."
"Your looking at a Dose of Perfection!"
"The Ninja See's All And Know's All"
"I'm going to take you on, I'm going take you down, and I'm going to take you out!
Allies: None

Enemies: Chris Mann and Alex Mann (currently enemies, just cuz he accepted the apology doesn't mean they're all friends)

Taunt(s):Crosses His Arms And Places His Hands On His Face Covering Everything Except One Eye executing A Ninja Mask

Ninja Clutch (Modified Koji Clutch)
Modified Samoan Drop
Heart Of A Warrior (Modified Snap Suplex)

Falling Shuriken: Nick Mann hits the opponent with a tornado roundhouse kick and runs towards the ropes with great speed before landing on the opponent with a Running Corckscrew Shooting Star Press into a cover executing a devastating Falling Shuriken
Ninja Blade: Nick Mann gets onto the top rope while taunting the opponent winning over the crowd and performs a sommersault corkscrew flying wheel kick to the face of the opponent executing a devastating Ninja Blade.
Assassin's Sleeperhold: Nick Mann puts the opponent into a tight cobra clutch and slightly lossens it before applying scissors taking the opponent down with him Nick Mann tightens the hold more and twists the opponent's head to one side executing a devastating Assassin's Sleeperhold.
Ninja Torture Tactic: Nick Mann runs towards his opponent and flips him onto the mat with a headscissor takedown and turns the opponent onto their belly while keeping the headscisor locked in before wrenching the opponent's far arm and pulling at their close leg executing a devastating Ninja Torture Tactic

Entrance Video: Displays Nick Mann's most powerful moves his trademarks and goes into a sequence of all the people he has used a Ninja Blade on and finishes with a segment of Nick Mann Taunting with the Ninja Mask.

Entrance Music:

Nick Mann
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