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You're Up!

Post by KristyDQT on Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:52 am

KristyDQT is seen sitting in his lockerroom watching last saturdays matchup against DocSpock, when the door suddenly bursts open.

JiJi enters the room: You wont believe it! I got into an argument with the GM about cancelling the matchup between you and DocSpock for the title this Saturday in PPV!

KristyDQT questioning: And?

JiJi: Not only are you gonna have a contract signing before the big matchup for the Maximum Open Title..... *sighs* You are also gonna face Spectaculus in a 2 out of 3 Submission matchup tonight.

KristyDQT: WHAT!?! He must be out of his mind! You know i allready made a training schedule that ensures i will be 100% pumping for the PPV..and now its all ruined...and Spectaculus....damn....I will go there and demand justice!

JiJi concerned: I know, i wanted to spit in his face when he told me, but he said anymore from me or you and he would strip you from your championship you better sit down again, there is nothing else we can do about it.

KristyDQT angry: This is a disgrace, how can they treat their champion this way!

KristyDQT wanders around the room smashing some furniture in.

JiJi: Try and focus on your match tonight, you can beat both Spectaculus tonight and DocSpock on are the first and only danish/filippinoooooo suuuuperstaaaar of the world!

KristyDQT nods silently and starts sparring.

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