DWK debut

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DWK debut

Post by Gast on Wed Jun 16, 2010 4:07 pm

A man with handcuffs gets pulled onto the ramp as he stares at the crowd,the two people dragging him both have guns , many people are whispering to each other whether he is a criminal or not,as they reach the ring, one of the men takes out a key and then unlocks the handcuffs as the man reaches for the rope and jumps over it while the other man throws a microphone, the man grabs the microphone and says

" You people know why the hell im here... i made a deal with that tarded stoner-of a jail warden or
boss or whatever the hell he is... he said if i own enough people in wrestling im out of jail...got that people

most of the people have no reaction while others cheer and boo.

He jumps back out of the rings still holding the microphone to his mouth " with my handcuffs on...the man leaves the ring


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