My time has arrived! (13th of june show)

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My time has arrived! (13th of june show)

Post by stevie on Sun Jun 13, 2010 3:07 am

~Animals by nickleback blast over the arena sound system has the rookie stevie makes his way down to the ring to adresses teh fans and his opponent. before the biggest match of his carrer. He high fives some fans on the way down to the ring before picking up a mic and entering the ring~

Stevie: "Hello everyone I hope you enjoying your night so far because in just a few minutes i'm about to take this night up another notice so you better go get all your drinks,food and go to the toilet becuase once wrasler gets his ass to the ring and that bells sounds your not gonna wanna miss one second of this title match becuase this match will leave you wanting more!. This moment right now is what every rookie like myslef trains for! lives for! a shot at some gold. I most of really impressed some people back stage to get this shot so wrasler better watch out couse im no ordianry rookie. Im a CHAMPION!."

~Stevie moves his hands over his waist and signels a title belt will soon be around his waist~

Stevie: "See tonight when the bell sounds for the end of the match i will be right here in the middle of the ring with my hand raised in victory and holding the maw open championship high above my head.

~Stevie stretches his arms out above his head showing what it will look like~

Stevie: "Oh and where will wrasler be?, He will be right at my feet in a pool of his own blood knocked out cold!."

~stevie pauses for a few seconds socking in the cheers of the crowd~

Stevie: "So get yourslefs ready because this match will be EXTREME! this match will be a show stealer!, this match will be incrediable!. Because im stevie and im INCREDAIBLE!

~stevie drops the mic and strats getting the ground pumped up for the title match~


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