last weeks interview (THIS IS FOR THIS WEEKS SHOW)

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last weeks interview (THIS IS FOR THIS WEEKS SHOW)

Post by stevie on Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:29 am

Dave Jones: "Well tonight Stevie was unable to join us as he is recovering from serious injures caused last week during a post match interview which we were unable to show due to the graphic nature but we have edited so we able to show it. if you have a weak tummy tho i would suggest not to watch this next segment."

~a clip appears showing the interview involving Stevie~

Dave: "Stevie you showed some real skill out there in your match against Marvin which you dominated the new comer do you have any words about him and or your match?"

Stevie: "Well Marvin got some great moves on me tonight and i see a lot of potential in the kid but hes gotta learn who to call out and not to I'm out of his league for should go back to facing the rookies in this fed but regardless of that i do admit he has skill and will go very far in this business but if he ever gets in my face again I'm gonna mess it up!."

Dave: "Strong words there Stevie well congrats on the win and keep up the good work see you next week."

~as Dave shakes Stevie's hand a baseball bat comes from no where to hit slugger in the back.~

Marvin: :You think your better then me!. you think you actually can beat me again!."

~Marvin picks up and throws Stevie against the wall with extreme force~

Marvin: "You got lucky tonight i let you win. face me again! and i will beat you i will destroy you!"

~Marvin picks up Stevie's limp body and pops him on a table he then sets him up in a piledriver position then piledrivers Stevie right threw the table!~

Marvin: "You think you won? well look at you now! i will be seeing you around Stevie real soon."

~Marvin slaps the unconscious Stevie and then walks off as Dave and the paramedics run to Stevie's aid~


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