Clearing up a few things

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Clearing up a few things

Post by Kenneth Burchill on Sun Jun 06, 2010 4:18 pm

Up next is the match between Eddy Parera and Kenneth Burchill.
But before we go there, MAW interviewer Tracy Elmin is standing by backstage with Burchill.

Tracy Elmin: "Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is the self-proclaimed "Master of the Art"...
Pau... I mean Kenneth Burchill!"

The reaction on Burchill's face shows he's ticked off by Tracy not getting his name right.
When he responds to her, the tone in his voice is calm, yet intimidating.

Kenneth Burchill: "Let me make one thing perfectly clear for you, young lady...
The name's KENNETH Burchill...
And I'm sick of the incompetence of you and the announcers here in MAW, that you can't even get my name right!"

Tracy looks to be feeling rather uncomfortable.

Kenneth Burchill: "Just because I happen to share a last name with someone else in this business, doesn't mean I'm him...
That I'm trying to be him...
Or that in any way I try to be linked to the man.
As talented as Paul Burchill is, Kenneth Burchill is the one and only 'Master of the Art of Professional Wrestling'.
I have no peers."

Tracy Elmin: "It's funny you mention this, because that was actually one of my questions:
You claim to be 'The Master of the Art' and that there's no one better than you.
So how would you explain the fact that your matches have ended in wins...
But also losses and like last Maximum Carnage: draws?"

The look on Burchill's face is as cocky and arrogant as ever, when he answers the question.

Kenneth Burchill: "Miss Elmin, you honestly don't have a clue what this entire profession is about, do you?.."

Tracy doesn't seem to understand what Burchill's talking about

Kenneth Burchill: "When I say I am The Master of the Art, I say that there isn't a more all-round athlete in the world.
It's not about winning or losing...
It's about inflicting punishment on whoever the opponent is.
And whether I win, lose or draw...
Nobody dissects an opponent more methodical than Kenneth Burchill."

Tracy understands Burchill and wants to ask another question.

Tracy Elmin: "I see...
So wh-"

But before she can finish her question, Burchill puts his index finger to her lips and shakes his head.

Kenneth Burchill: "Now if you'll excuse, I've got a match coming up."

And then he walks off, making his way to the ring.

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