Enjoying a taste of Canada![Used hopefully before my match.]

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Enjoying a taste of Canada![Used hopefully before my match.]

Post by Gast on Sat Jun 05, 2010 9:25 pm

Dave Jones: "What a tremendous match we just had there Gary"

Gary Smith: "It was sure great to watch, that is the truth but before we begin our next match. I think I am hearing this right.. anyway."

Dave Jones: "...What Gary?"

Gary Smith: "We going to have a very special guest in the ring Dave, apparently a rookie wants to get himself acknowledged more. I hope its not that Can-..."

*Just then The Islander by the Navigators played in the PA system, that hopping beat that you just wanted to smack your foot on the ground and dance too! Talking about how he would be an Islander till he died and out came "The Canadian Sensation" Daniel Wright marching through the backstage area with what looked to be a rather goofy grin on his face. First time making his way through the curtains onto the ramp so he did what any fun loving Newfie would do! Wave his lacrosse stick at the fans in a wave, to get all their attention. The fans seemed a little confused at who the man was, only having seeing him backstage once as of late so it was quite the surprise to see him going towards the ring. Daniel was dressed in similar attire that he normally would be when he went wrestling, a black hoodie that could be pulled away with the Canadian Coat of arms in red on his back, a simple Canadian flag on his front and of course got to love those black, almost leather-like pants with the words Canadian written on his right leg, and Sensation written on his left in bright Red bold letters as well. Daniel remained on the ramp for a moment, waving his lacrosse stick around before finally making his way down the rampway, giving a few fans a few fives on the way down, all that went to shake his hand of course. This took little time and before ya knew it, the man had sweeped himself under the bottom rope and inside the ring before standing up again. The goofy grin on his placid face quickly turned into a smile as he observed the ring once more, before going to get a microphone.*

Dave Jones: "And we have Daniel Wright! We saw him backstage at the last show."

Gary Smith: "The....Canadian.. Sensation was it? He is still just another rookie until he has proved himself."

"The Canadian Sensation" Daniel Wright: "Hello me sons.... and a few me duckies that are in the building, and watching at home b'y. Yee don't know me very well I tells ya but I am here to tell you eh, that mah name be 'ere The Canadian Sensation Daniel Wright me sons! I be a rookie here on yer show me duckies but I am clearly no Angishore. Ya will be seeing a lot of me b'y so we are all gonna have a good time me sons, and me duckies... Except for you. Ya gat da face only a mutter could luv."

Dave Jones: "Wow... Did he just really say that?"

Gary Smith: "I knew he was nothing but trouble!

*The crowd started to boo a little bit as Daniel pointed out to a female in the crowd. Which apparently wasn't the best looking girl in the area as the Newfie started to throw a little joke at her. This caused the Canadian to be a little surprised by the booing, and while clutching the microphone still near his lips while his free hand, which was absently holding onto the strangely red and white lacrosse stick continued to wave its scooped side, where the balls would land and remain in the scoop while holding a bit of concern at all the anxiety from the booing. Daniel's head began to shake from side to side, wondering what exactly did he do wrong? All he did was make a little joke.*

"The Canadian Sensation" Daniel Wright: "No!... No.. No!! Stop me duckies!... STOP ME SONS!! Hold yer cod tongues b'y, I was just pulling the girl along the fishing line, just teasing the trout s'ure b'y. Tis a joke me sons, and I tell ya something eh, gotta be able to take a joke for d'a Newfie or else we will be in quite rough waters me sons and I do't want nun of t'at nosir'ebob. Now les get back on track me sons because as a rookie of the MAW, I needs to prove mahself like any good man would and I am fine with that b'y, like an Islander we are always doing the work of others eh. Getting d'wn and dir'tah. I dun want yee Am-erican to hate on a poor ole Canadian while he is 'ere in the MAW because of mah cause 'ere! I am doing what Canada as a great country needs to do me sons, and me duckies. I need to prove that we have da best Technical wrasslers in the world, and that our background, and blood is still strong I tells ya b'y!"

Dave Jones: "Canada use to be known for its renown mat technician skills Gary. Do you think this rookie could pull it off?"

Gary Smith: "Are you insane? He is a rookie! He means nothing at the moment until he can prove to us he can win a match! Then I will listen more to all this."

*Once more the crowd doesn't know how to fully react to all this, for one that Daniel was doing what he thought was right, on the other hand, he was Canadian and well he was trying to prove that Canada was better then America in some form, and the rest of the world which never usually sit well with fans. So there were a few slight, hesitations before some of the crowd began to boo once more! Much to the dismay of one Daniel Wright, who was trying to get on the good side of the fans still, but that was clearly not working! Setting the lacrosse stick down near a turnbuckle right now, moving in a slow walk with those no doubt about em, red and white boots to match his esteem passion with Canada. Before going back towards the center of the ring looking around at the fans before clearing his throat, to give it a try once more.*

"The Canadian Sensation" Daniel Wright: "LUH! LUH!!.... LUH 'ERE! Oh me nerves, de got me drove! I ain't the d'ere 'ere bad guy me sons and me duckies. I'm just trying to prove a valid point! Look look... How about I'ake it a win for the good ole North America and wha'not? Will dat make yee all happy b'y. Let's talk a little about my opponent eh? DJ Ricky thinks that anyone, and an'thing can be a wrassler, and that is a sickening sight me duckies, like a coup'e of poor fisherman out in sea, getting caught in a poor Storm, damn those red skies I tells yah! D'ere has to be some fine line d'ough on what can be a wrassler, and who cannot b'y. I fight with respect, for honor! I ain't no fancy music luvver unless its d'ose good ole jigs me darlings d'en I can dance all day of the week I tells yah! A DJ, or what'eveh you want to call those scuts that make that god awful music! Mah poor ears trying to listen to d'ose screeching cats, let them out of da cages underneath those fancy boards that spin. I'm fighting for a country Rick-eh, and I am gonna prove that I deserve to be in the MAW b'y so don't be afraid to learn all about.... The Canadian Way!"

Dave Jones: "The Canadian way? I wonder what that is like...eh?"

Gary Smith: "Tell me you didn't just say... a Canadian word Dave?"

*Finally the fans seem to react in a popular fashion towards the old fashion Canadian and that finally brings that smile back onto his face. A light ovation of cheers coursed through the arena showing their delight for Daniel, or how much they might not like DJ Ricky at all. Did the Goofy Newfie finally rub off on people! Who knows but the man was surely bouncing in the arena now. Going back from side to side, looking at all the fans that were beginning to cheer. Free hand rising to clench in a fist and give it a light shake, to show his clear approval of all of this. Enjoying the festivities quite a bit, it was this that got the man to pop out a clear idea in his mind.*

"The Canadian Sensation" Daniel Wright: "Oh luh at that me darlings! I got'sa great idea for what to do when I win my match b'y. I know everyone 'ere needs a dose of Canada so yee can be supportive of the ole Newfoundlander but I dun d'ink I have enough moose hats for everyone 'ere. Ya can get them on the stands though as well as all the lurvely merchandise da MAW provide b'y. When I win mah match with the hopping, fly like a white guy DJ I will give you a proud, and very honorable bit of Canada for everyone to enjoy me duckies. I shall get the Canadian flag to hang down from the rafters up d'ere... Yah I know its a little h'igh but we got crew people were dat d'ere stuff. We also gonna get a bit of my national anthem going... Listen to the Canadian Anthem with everyone in here me sons and me duckies, enjoy the song that I fight fer everyday! Oh that is a thrill right d'ere! Ya will all understand once ya listen to it I tells yah! So how about we get mah opponent out 'ere now for mah match!.. Huh?.. YAH!.. Come on Rick-eh"

*With that Daniel dropped the microphone outside of the ring and slowly waited for his opponent to come out, going back to his signaled corner to prepare for the match that was about to happen, and the same corner in which his lacrosse was situated. Those ocean blue eyes of the great fisherman staring straight the rampway as he waited for the match*


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