Ronald at the gm-office

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Ronald at the gm-office

Post by RonaldReedijk on Thu Jun 03, 2010 11:01 am

RonaldReedijk nok's at the GM-office.

Michael Byrne: Come in.

RonaldReedijk walks into the office.

Michael Byrne: He hello RonaldReedijk, how can I help you?

RonaldReedijk: Give me a re-match next week against Submarineguy.

Michael Byrne: Why?? What the hell is going on between you two.

RonaldReedijk: He has kidnapped my girlfriend

Michael Byrne: And now you want a brutal match against him again??

RonaldReedijk: Yes, and I want it to be a Steelcage-Match and I want my girlfriend outside the cage, next to the ring

Michael Byrne looks at RonaldReedijk and think what he is going to do

Michael Byrne: You know what?? You have the match next week

RonaldReedijk: Thanks

RonaldReedijk walks out of the office
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