Match against Cyber T

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Match against Cyber T

Post by RonaldReedijk on Sat May 29, 2010 8:37 pm

Tracy Elmin: Hello RonaldReedijk, Now your going to fight against Cyber T, Do you think you going to win.

RonaldReedijk: offcourse I'm going to win, everybody knows I'm the best here at Maximum Force.

Tracy Elmin: And this season your girlfriend is at ringside?

RonaldReedijk: Yes, she is a great support for me and it makes me stronger when she is at ringside

RonaldReedijk kissed Antoinette

RonaldReedijk: But I have to go, I have a match know.

RonaldReedijk walks to ringside with his girlfriend Antoinette

Tracy Elmin: RonaldReedijk will be going after Panzer and Abel, but back to ringside to Dave and Gary
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