Debut Interview with the Goofy Newfie[Used for first show, or whenever]

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Debut Interview with the Goofy Newfie[Used for first show, or whenever]

Post by Gast on Wed May 26, 2010 4:37 pm

*The Scene opens up with a look at the backstage area, certainly a lovely place for the MAW roster to relax, and enjoy the sweet motions of not having to get into the ring and for interviews of all shorts and sizes to begin to better fuel the fire of wrestling, and feuds. The local interviewer named Tracy Elmin was just sitting around, the camera crew had their cameras on and rolling at this point, the poor female looked slightly... irritated to say the least. Shown by the way her arms curled underneath her chest and crossed themselves over. Was she waiting for someone? Or just waiting for something to do?*

Interviewer: Tracy Elmin-"Gah! Why am I waiting here for some new guy that wanted to chat?... I got better things to do then this. Where is he anyway? Its not like the arena... is that hard to find!"

*So now the question remained, who in fact was she waiting for? All that would be revealed right now, as the camera panned to the left slowly, revealing what looked to be a male in a bit of a jog towards Tracy, the man was of average, athletic build. Dressed in a rather bold black sweater, that indeed had a hoodie on it, the left chest area of the sweater held a Canadian flag on it, while the back imprinted in bold red had the Canadian coat of arms! Finishing the look was a pair of black, almost leather like material of pants, with the words "Canadian" on one leg, and "Sensation" on the other. He had several objects in his hands as well, with the way he was jogging though, his left hand could not be seen so whatever he had in them, was clearly unavailable to sight, but in his right was that good ole lacrosse stick that he held close to him. The new wrestler continued to run until he stopped right next to her, a light pant coming from the Canadian bred wrestler, body even going as far as bending over to catch his breath, the faint lacrosse stick coming up to try and signal for one second, before body straightened right out.*

Canadian: Man- ".....There... ya are... me ducky... I've been looking... all around this arena for yah b'y. You're 'arder to catch then a cod in rough waters trying to use a bit of dere ole string to catch it with!... Phew.. Alright I'm good b'y... just don't have a breath left in me, me ducky!. I see ya got one of d'ose big... thingies that you talk out of eh?.. Whatdayacallthem? Oh right a Microphone me ducky... This must be the right place, I told ya I'll be dere da rackley."

Interviewer: Tracy Elmin- "Alright..... you must be the new guy that wanted to get the interview done then. We can work with that, so tell me before we go any further... What is your name? Let everyone know who you are."

*It was quite easy to tell that Tracy didn't understand a few of the phrases the man through at her, nor did she think that this man's real accent was that bad! Wow was she having a bit of a hard time translating but even a good interviewer did what they could to get the interview done, plus it was money in the pocket right? Tracy's arms unfolded from underneath her chest, her right hand slipped the mic towards the Canadian man. The man looked at the microphone for a second, before slipping quite a goofy looking grin across his face, body turning slightly, but not enough to reveal his left arm yet, turning to look at the camera before continuing on.*

"The Canadian Sensation": Daniel Wright- "Well that is an easy one me ducky! I am the 'Canadian Sensation'.. See look at mah legs it says it. Got these custom made I tells ya, great little place on the backline in Bay Bulls, just a lurvely little place b'y, oh right! I am the 'Canadian Sensation' Daniel Wright me ducky. The hottest new edition to the M-A-W roster and I shall be making an impact b'y. Enough about me though me lovely little siren Owshegettinonb'ys?"

Interviewer: Tracy Elmin- "How she what now? Wait this is about you so stop asking those questions. That's MY JOB! Alright.. deep breath. So Daniel, you say your the Canadian Sensation, so that must mean you are Canadian correct? That's a pretty big step for you, moving from a country that's all about its land, and the beauty of the environment and now your tying up your boots and looking to tussle inside a squared ring. Tell me, why the sudden want to change? And why do you think you will be a force here in MAW"

*This question had Daniel thinking for a moment, shown by the way that he stood a little puzzled, trying to figure out the right way to word it. His eyes dropping, those blue hues glancing at the lacrosse stick in quiet preparation before back up to the camera in a grin, the side of his lips curling from cheek to cheek as he changed his posture to a light point with the lacrosse stick, his back stiffening just a light more in that straight, board stance.*

"The Canadian Sensation": Daniel Wright-"As much as I enjoy the sweet environment of mah old life me ducky, going out to sea, tempting tha mistress with da 'ook in hopes that the sea be sweet enough to allow us to catch d'ose cod b'y. Did yah know that its true about us fisherman? Most of us rweally can't swim I tells yah. I keep turning on that square, magical box b'y, and I see some Bayman trying to do what weee Canucks do best eh. Technical wrasslin' is our design, all of the Ca-nadian bred wrasslers are known for their renown skill of putting on a show, and making even the most simplest mood me ducky, such a devious grip hold. Now 'hese Angishores are making a disgrace to mah once kind skill me ducky, and not even the skies in the morning, when they turn red can't keep me away b'y. I am now 'ere to show the world, and mah fellow brethren who are drinking at home! And bah god I would like a Molson Canadian right now 'by, but I will make them proud while showing everyone I tells ya, how technical wrestling is s'ppose to"

Interviewer: Tracy Elmin- "That... was actually a pretty good answer, from what I could muster out of it anyway, so tell me Daniel ,seeing you have a pretty good reason of being here. Who would you like to face first?"

"The Canadian Sensation": Daniel Wright- "It dun matta one bit who wants to face me mah siren, I'll face everyone because someday, everyone me ducky is gonna need to see, or feel how good a Canadian wrestler can be... in the ring I means! People around here b'y needs to be cultured on mah Canadian Ways because there is no way... like the Canadian way eh. So management can put me up against anyone and I'll be happy I tells yah, as long as I am fighting b'y, I am enjoying myself. Soon though me ducky, soon people will get a d'ere dose of Canada... Speaking of a dose of Canada though me ducky, I'ma gonna need to be in a tear but before I got, I haven't forgotten about yah me ducky, you get yer dose as well!"

*The Goofy Newfie continued the big, happy grin against his face. The left hand finally revealing itself to have... a bunch of hats? They weren't any old hats though, oh no they had stuffed, fake antlers on them sprouting from either side. The hat was a blueish tint while the bip underneath showed shades of green. What made the hat so swell besides the antlers of the moose, was the wording on the front that said. "Welcome to"

[Similar to that, but the antlers are attached to the hat, and not a drawing]

The Newfie attacked Tracy into a small hug, before placing the hat on top of her head, and running down the hallway in a flash. The camera panning on watching Daniel leave down the hallway, carrying his lacrosse stick and a bunch of hats for the other people in MAW before sliding back to look at Tracy who had a rather stunned look on her face, she just... didn't know how to take it all in. Was this person for real?*

Interviewer: Tracy Elmin "What...has...MAW...done?

The screen then slowly faded to black, showing the confused look of Tracy the entire time, and the extended look at the Canadian hat, with antlers attached to it before there was nothing but blackness.


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