A New Debut (open to a feud with anyone around my level range)

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A New Debut (open to a feud with anyone around my level range)

Post by Gast on Sun May 23, 2010 11:14 pm

Tracy is standing backstage talking with her cameraman when she she sees someone walking along the corridor towards him.
Tracy: Ah who's this then? Let's go find out.
Tracy signals her camera man and they both hurry along to speak with the mystery man.
When they reach the mystery man the camera zooms in on him to show everyone a better view.
He stands about 6'2" tall and has jet black hair in a bowl style haircut.
He is wearing a red lycra jump suit with a white doctor's coat over the top.
He is carrying a sports bag over his right shoulder with the word MAW imprinted on it.
Tracy: Hey there. I'm Tracy Elmin, you can think of me as the in house interviewer around here. I see you're carrying one of the MAw sports bags that are solely used by MAW stars so I am guessing you must be a new star here on MAW?
The man stops and puts his bag down and begins to speak with Tracy.
DoctorSpock: Well hello there Tracy. Yes you are correct I am indeed new here to MAW. I don't know if I would go as far as to say a "star" thought as I've yet to wrestle a single match and I've got to start at the bottom and work my way up.
Tracy: I see well welcome all the same but I don't suppose I could trouble you for a name and possibly what your plans and goals are here at MAW? Maybe some background history for all the fans at home?
DoctorSpock: Oh sorry, how rude of me. Yes my name is DoctorSpock...
Tray looks at DoctorSpock puzzled.
Tracy: Sorry wait, DoctorSpock? You do know we have another star here called DocSpock right?
DoctorSpock: Yes and that's kind of where I got my name from. When I was starting out in the indy circuit I would always see him on TV and regarded him as one of the best technical wrestlers in the business so I set out to shape myself around him. Lately though since coming to MAW it seems he has become completely self obsessed, arrogant and a general (censored)! So my goal here is simple, to bring the good name of Spock back out from disrepute that that pretender has taken it to and in the same time one day meet him in the ring and prove once and for all who is most deserving of the title of Spock.
Tracy: Errr ok, certainly weird but this is MAW after all, I've seen far weirder believe me. So then what are your immediate plans because obviously you're not going to just go out there and get a match against a veteran like DocSpock as you would jsut get your ass handed to you?
DoctorSpock: Well tonight I'm hoping Michael will put me in my debut match against one of the other rookies here. I've seen a few good wrestlers to showcase my skills against for my debut, people like Daniel Wright or Mr. Priceless, both perfectly talented wrestlers that it would be great to face off against tonight so with any luck Michael puts me in a match against one of those.
Tracy: OK well thanks for your time their DoctorSpock and we wish you all the best in your career and with your debut hopefully tonight.
DoctorSpock: Thanks Tracy.
Tracy: Back to you guys at ringside!

*end segment*


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