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To Ze Presentation

Post by To Ze on Mon May 17, 2010 11:06 am

Here is a small presentation of my wrestler. Smile

In-Ring Name: To Ze
Real Name: Antonio Jose
Nickname: "The Doorman"
Place of Birth: Lisbon, Portugal
Occupation: Doorman at a local disco

Trademark moves:
Don't argue
Go around
Tap or pay

The doorman call

Catch Phrases: "You will Tap or Pay!"; "Your admission will be denied"; "BEHAVE!"

Born in Portugal in a medium class neighboorhood, To Ze soon began realizing his appetence to make other little kids tap on the floor while imitading his chilhood hero Bet "The He-Man" Hard and his signature move "The Sniper"...

When he grew up he became a doorman at a local disco, which helped him pratice his submission moves on more stuborn customers.

After some time he realized he had to follow his dream and become a renown wrestler....So the history begins.

To Ze
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New Talent

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