Daniel Wright's Gimmick

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Daniel Wright's Gimmick

Post by Gast on Sat May 15, 2010 10:32 pm

Name: Daniel Wright

Alias: "Canadian Sensation" or "Pure Canadian"

Height: 6'1

Weight: 172

Hometown: Bay Bulls, Newfoundland

Country: Canada

Alignment Tweener[Good intentions but sometimes crosses the line with weapon shots and dirty tactics.]

Theme Song[If gave one]: The Islander by the Navigators

Gimmick: Daniel Wright wants to be the Canadian show stopper of MAW. He wants to finally bring respect to his country by showing people what true wrestling is about. Everyone knows that Canadians are great technical, and sound superstars built for their submission qualities and endurance and Daniel tries to do just that. Bring a bit of prestige that is technical wrestling. He is sometimes called the Goofy Newfie for his wild sayings, and rather outlandish accent but he is just an Islander b'y.

Short Bio: Daniel was born off the shores of Newfoundland in a small city known as Bay Bulls. Known nothing more as a simple fishing community with such a beautiful landscape. He learned the ways of the seas trying to tackle the rough waters that were instilled on the tiny boats. A fisherman he too grew up representing catching cod and other trout whenever he can, even going as far as dipping in for crab to get the money in his pockets. Though there was one passion he could not avoid, that passion... was wrestling. Growing up watching Bret "The Hitman" Hart and later Edge, and Christian he gathered a bit of knowledge seeing how they perfected the form of technical wrestling. Such a dieing art in some ways to today, it was saddening as years moved on and the dieing breed of Canadians were washed away... One day Daniel had enough and knew what he needed to do. In order to gain respect in the Country up North, he started to train for wrestling, gather the skills that of all the greatest Canadians he have seen in the past. Wanting to be just like them... and that is what led the "The Canadian Sensation" here... to MAW


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