Satoru Mutoh interview

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Satoru Mutoh interview

Post by Gast on Mon May 10, 2010 6:42 pm

*The camera cuts backstage where we see Satoru Mutoh walking and we hear a chorus of boo's from the crowd. As he is walking a backstage interviewer comes up to him.*

Interviewer: Satoru, earlier you said you are bringing honor and wrestling back to MAW, would you care to elaborate on what you meant by that?

*Satoru looks at the interviewer with a cold look and rolls his eyes*

Satoru Mutoh: Anata wa totemo baka desu.

Interviewer: Umm, excuse me?

*Satoru looks like he is getting frustrated now*

Satoru Mutoh: I said, you are an idiot. A moron. Stupid. Insolent. A fool. Just like these uneducated fools in the audience tonight.

*A chorus of boos from the audience is heard in the background but Satoru doesn't seem to even pay attention.*

Satoru Mutoh: As far as what I said, I thought it was clear enough but I guess I'll need to specify for idiots like you. What I was saying is that this industry in America is flooded with these people who come in with some over the top "gimmicks", acting like their someone and like they deserve respect. Those people deserve nothing but a swift kick in the face. And even worse, we have guys like this DJ Ricky something come in saying they should get a contract because their famous. Because people know them and because they have fame and fortune and the ladies flock to them.

*The crowd boos at the mention of DJ Ricky D, while Satoru looks irritated at the background noise.*

Satoru Mutoh: Well, Richard, I don't know who you are. I only know that you represent something I despise, which is trashy good-for-nothing-but-talk entertainers taking TV time from real wrestling. So I want you to ask yourself something. Will that fame keep your neck from breaking if I hit you with a Mutoh Driver? Will the fortune get you out if I lock in the Tiger Clutch? Will the ladies you've paid help you if I'm kicking your face in? People like you are poison to this business and I will do anything I have to in order to cure it. Bank on that.

*Satoru walks off as the camera cuts back ringside.*


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