Eddy Parera's Gimmick

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Eddy Parera's Gimmick

Post by Eddy Parera on Wed May 05, 2010 3:58 pm

Name: Eddy Parera
Location: Portugal , Lisbon
Age: My Real age is 15 but wrestling age is 22
Heel or Face: Almost Face but I can fill the heel spot if it is needed.

Characteristics: He's like an hero, he tries to help everyone who is getting unfair. He never backs down from any challenge. He has the resistance of Cena, the versality of Triple H, he has the speed of Rey Misterio and charisma of Christian and HBK. In all fights, Eddy Parera is ready to beat each of everyne who is unfair with the others.

Bio: Eddy Parera was born in Lisbon, his thoughts was all about sports, he was trying to play Football but everytime he tried, his family stopped him. When Eddy Parera started see wrestling, with 10 years, he always tried to copy their moves, but he ever tried in a safe mode, as he created a room with a lot of mattresses. He said once, my life is Wrestling. So since he was 15 years old, he battled against his father and his eldest brother. He knew his opportunity was comming.

Until the summer, he dreammed each of every night he was alive about becomming the best Wrestler of all times. He finally got the opportunity to get into a wrestling school. He was there until Eddy Parera was 21 years old. But when his father told him he couldn't continue fighting because his father couldn't get enough money to pay his illness. Eddy Parera decided to leave Portugal because of his father decision. So he got in Maw Zone, where he is right now to prove to each of everyone Eddy is the future of Wrestling. His father is gland Eddy didn't pay attention to his decision because Eddy made what he ever wanted. BECOME A WRESTLER. But he doesn't only become a Wrestler, he wants to raise to the top as quickly possible. To be Continued.

Eddy Parera
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