New season, new beginnings

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New season, new beginnings

Post by King Arthur on Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:20 pm

-A camera turns on backstage to see King Arthur waiting to speak into the camera. The crowd breaks into boos upon the sight of King Arthur. King Arthur begins to laugh to himself-

King: Ahhh. The sounds of my peasants brings joy to my heart.

-The crowd boos even louder-

King: Yes, it is me, your king...and I know that my peasants have missed the sight of their King Arthur. But not to fear my peasants...a new season of MAW has begun and that can only mean one thing....more King Arthur of course. Last season was the debut of MAW and the debut of King Arthur. It had its ups and downs. But this, the second season of MAW, will be a season that I plan to establish myself as a contender. I plan to move up that ranking ladder and make my way to a title shot. From there, not only will I be King Arthur, but King Arthur with a championship belt around my waist!

-The crowd boos again as King Arthur laughs aloud to himself at the thought of being a champion-

King: Now my peasants, express a little more patience as your King gets ready for battle.

-King Arthur walks away to get ready for his match as the camera shuts off-
King Arthur
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