Rookie Mistake

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Rookie Mistake

Post by dark horse on Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:22 pm

(Can we use this part as my Ring entrance plz)

Dark Horse makes his way to the ring to an almost silent crowd wondering who he is. The announcers are confused as well asking each other who he is. Dark Horse gets to the ring and climbs a turnbuckle with one leg on the second rope and the other leg on the top turnbuckle. He has a mic thrown to him. He raises his head arrogantly and closes his eyes. Then raises the Mic. The crowd is still silent.

DH: Fiiiinally - Dark Horse - Has come to M - A - W.

The crowd is still silent. The Announcers look at each other and shrug.

DH: For those of you who don't know me.. Which is most of you, Rest assured you will soon. I'm here to make some noise.. To turn this roster upside down, and to tear the MAW circuit up until I hold the World - Heavyweight - Championship and raise it high for all the world to see.

Dark Horse looks around at the silent crowd and then over at the announcers.

DH: Tonight however it seems there's a setback in the form of a man named Raisti. A veteran, a ring master. The boss thinks he's going to walk all over yours truly. The only thing I have to say to Raisti is. Bring it!!

The crowd is still silent.

Announcer1: Bold statement coming from this leaf green rookie, I think he was just signed tonight. I just got this memo that just says he's a street fighter.
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