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Dark Horse (Open to response from Raisti and / or the GM)

Post by dark horse on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:59 pm

Dark Horse walks through the arena doors with a gym bag slung over his shoulder. A black hoody on his head, covering a bandana he's wearing. He stops and looks around at all the talent standing and wondering who he is. Making his way through everybody he walks right into the GM's office and walks up to his desk. The GM stands excited and extends his hand and they shake.

GM: Dark Horse, welcome welcome. I have seen some good things from you kid. That's why you're here.

DH: Thanks.

The GM motions to the seat in front of him and Dark Horse sits down. The GM shuffles some papers and puts them in front of Dark Horse one by one as he signs off on them. The GM rubs his hands excited as the last one is signed.

DH: Now what?

GM: Now you're a professional wrestler kid, no more backyard brawlin' for you. here you go.

He hands Dark Horse a piece of paper and Dark Horse starts grinning from ear to ear.

DH: Are you serious? Woooo.. Payday baby, am gonna go call ma boys right now and...

GM: No.. you can't go back there anymore. I don't want you getting hurt. Gotta protect my investment here you know.

Dark Horse looks over at him and rubs his head.

DH: No party?

GM: Sorry kid you understand right? I am handing you a lot of money here, I need you to stay healthy.

DH: I gotcha..

A few seconds pass and non of them says anything Dark horse is looking around the office and up at the ceiling. The GM is doing the same thing and then starts tapping his fingers on the desk impatiently.

DH: Sooo.. How long do I train before I fight?

GM: Training? Laughs and then clears his throat. Ah, yeah training. You'll be figh... I mean training tonight, live training as a matter a fact. Tonight.

DH: Really!? Oh man, this is... This is awesome, what gym am I training at?

GM: Right here tonight, it will be Dark Horse going one on one in a.. uhh.. Training match against non other than... RAISTI.

Dark Horse almost falls out of his chair, he has a horrified look on his face.

DH: Dude what happened to not wanting me getting hurt?

GM: Dude, I gotta make my money back.. You know how much insurance costs me for you guys. Not to mention that hundred bucks I shelled out for your signing bonus. Come on kid, you train right there in the ring. Show Raisti what you're made of. Be the man everybody's been watching in those backyard brawls. You're the man. MAW is waiting for you.


Dark Horse gets up and storms out of the room pumped.

VGM: You really think he can take Raisti?

GM: Are you kidding me!! Raisti is gonna kill'im out there. I just wanna see if he's really as tough as he seems. If Raisti leaves anything of him out there he may have a bright future here. And he's cheap labor anyway, the street rat doesn't even know enough to ask for more than what he got.

Outside the door Dark Horse scurries away from the door with a smile on his face and walks down the corridor to his locker room. He looks at a piece of paper in his hand and tears it up. A loud shouting can be heard in the GM's office as he learns Dark Horse switched the payment paper work. Dark Horse runs off down the corridpr to his locker room.

(This is part 1)
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Re: Dark Horse

Post by Raisti on Mon Apr 12, 2010 6:13 pm

Tracy is standing backstage.
Tracy: Ladies and Gentlemen I am here with Raisti. Do you mind answering a few questions before your match?
Raisti: Does it matter?
Tracy: Äh what?
Raisti: Ah forget it ...
Tracy: Anyway your about to face Dark Horse. He is a new wrestler here at MAW and seems very motivated.
Raisti: Yeah another kid who wants to be the best. Tell me something new. Do you know what the only reason is that I am here tonight?
Tracy: No not really.
Raisti: Well apparently the stupid toaster was already broken when I put it into the bathtub while I was still sitting in there. So I had no money to buy a new one and finally finish this pathetic thing which is my life.
Tracy: Then why are you still fighting?
Raisti: Didn't you listen tome? ... I guess not. Who can blame you nobody wants to hear what I have to say. Even I am bored of myself.
Anyway like I said need a new freaking toaster. So I will go into this ring, fight the new 100% motivated guy and probably lose. But in the end that doesn't matter because when I get paid, I can finally take care of business and don't need to be here ... or in fact need to be anywhere next week.

Tracy: Well then good luck with that ... I guess.
Raisti: Thank you ... You know you are a very nice person. ... Ah who am I kiddin, you wouldn't go out with me anyway.
Raisti turns around and walks away, leaving a very confused Tracy behind.
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