Taking care of business (Open to DocSpock)

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Taking care of business (Open to DocSpock)

Post by KristyDQT on Sun Apr 11, 2010 6:46 am

KristyDQT and JiJi are standing in the GM's office yelling.

KristyDQT angry: Are you freaking kidding me? I have to fight DocSpock tonight instead of getting a rematch for the undisputed Maximum Action Championship!

JiJi: Just when we had DonDunn ready for the kill, DocSpock enters the ring and lays both friend and foe out! He shouldnt get a match against us, he should be banned from MAW!

Michael Byrne: As far as our ongoing investigations show, one of you two or even both are to blame for Gorm Steelfist underperforming in his title match, beeing poisoned a few hours before the match.

KristyDQT: We know nothing about that, actually its the first time we have heard about it, right JiJi?

JiJi nods, then continues: What about the ongoing investigation who continuously interrupts KristyDQT entrance with wrestling videos from his past?

Michael Byrne: We are still working on that case, but so far we have no lead.

JiJi: Impressive.... Truly impressive.

KristyDQT: MAW management owes me a title match and i wont rest untill i get just that. If you should be unsure with whom you are dealing with, i am the Firrsssst Danish/ Filippino Superstaaaaaaaaarrr of the Wooooorld.

Michael Byrne: I know, the match stays. My main concern is giving the MAW fans what they want!

JiJi: DocSpock is a maniac, didnt you see what he did last PPV? He faked the state of his own injury, only to be able to run in and ruin KristyDQT's championship win.... And he didnt only take out KristyDQT..he took out both DonDunn and KristyDQT, in what can only be described as a rush of madness.

KristyDQT: And...And now you want me to step into the ring with this out of control maniac.

Michael Byrne: Yes.

JiJi: Goddamnit, we aint getting anywhere here... Byrne is incapable of listening to reason.

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