stevie has arrived

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stevie has arrived

Post by stevie on Sun Apr 11, 2010 1:24 am

~animals by nickleback blast of the arena sound system as the newest talent in maw Stevie makes his way down to the ring in his wrestling gear and holding a mic in his hand~

Stevie: "Wow what a welcome its great to be here in Maw and great to be here tonight on maxium caranage i cant wait to finally be able to show of my skill and power in my very first match against Broncogeek and just a word of advice broncogeek you better bring your a game tonight becuase i maybe new here but im probally better then all you guys in the back so better watch your back cause now im here this place will never be the same!."

Dave Jones: "Well looks like we have a new cocky superstar in maw hope he can back up his words in the ring tonight against broncogeek it will be a very tough and even match im predicting."

Gary Smith: "I hope he wins i like him already."

Dave Jones: "Of cause you do Gary." *shakes head*

~stevie hands the mic to a crew member and waits for broncogeek to come out for there match~

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