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Dark Horse

Post by dark horse on Sat Apr 10, 2010 2:54 am

Dark Horse just went to the board and signed his name on a contract based on some amazing moves they saw from him in backyard brawling. No one knows where he's really from and no one cares as long as he goes out and performs night after night. Although he's green as grass Dark Horse seems to have a dark secret.
Can be a heel or a face at any time, he's insolent and impulsive and acts on a whim most times. He rarely seems to think anything through and acts as any stray thought hits his head.

Stands 6 '5' weighs 255 LBS..

Finisher: Fall Of Honor. (Reverse DDt into a Reverse Suplex then catapults the opponent and grabbign his neck and pulling him back down.)

Will finish updating when I have more time

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