Shadow Knight gimmick

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Shadow Knight gimmick

Post by Shadow Knight on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:40 pm

Shadow Knight
Looks heel, but can easily be used as a face.
age: 28
height / weight 6'2" and 205lb
wrestler class: Submission

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Sample RP Entrance:
The sound of a sword slashing sounds through the arena. The lights dim and a spotlight shows on Shadow Knight on the stage in his signature dark armor.
He moves down to ringside and climbs onto the apron. He goes between the second and third ropes and climbs the turnbuckle.
He raises his fist holding his stone hammer in the air. Hops off the turnbuckle and removes his heavy armor.

Taunts, finishers and trademark moves!!!
Sheath the sword : DD
Shadow Knight kicks the opponent in the stomach and runs to the rope Hops onto the second rope and springboards off
and spears his opponent right in the stomach knocking them on the ground executing a devastating Sheath the sword.
Iron maiden: Sub
Shadow Knight picks the bent opponent up with arms around their stomach with the opponent upside down
and squeezes them around their midsection causing considerable pain executing an devastating Iron maiden
Emaceiate: Pin
Shadow Knight jumps in the air and kicks the opponent in the chest causing them to stumble slightly backwards Titan puts the opponent's head between his legs
and jumps and flips in the air with the opponent and lands with the opponent on his back and Titan waits for the count executing an devastating Emaceiate
Signatures: (Will be changing soon)
The plague
Shadow Knight grabs one of (opponent)'s legs, and places (opponent)'s ankle between his thighs,
lays on top of (opponent)'s back and locks his arms around (opponent)'s head. The wrestler then pulls back stretching (opponent)'s back and neck, submitting him with a light The plague!!
Darkest twilight
Shadow Knight gets behind his opponent and grabs his wrist taking it on his opposite shoulder
threads an arm under his opponent's neck and crushes him on the ground by throwing him back, executing a powerful Darkest twilight!!
Modified Double Axe Handle
Shadow Knight gets on the top turnbuckle with a jump and raises his fists to the sky holding them together
and jumps toward Rob Hughes quickly lowering them, performing a light Modified Double Axe Handle!!

Shielded Victory
Shadow Knight Climbs onto the middle turnbuckle and raises his arm in the air he climbs up to the top and back flips to the ground executing The Shielded victory

place of birth: Back woods of Ireland
residence: Currently residing in Tampa Florida
nationality: Irish/English decent
In a long hidden forest in Ireland lived a village untouched by the changing times and time. Peasants run the land farming in the old ways, protected by the Shadow Knight. The Shadow Knight protects the land from invaders, old and new and keeps the village as it wants to be. They live by the light. The village decided that the were holding him back. After many centuries protecting the people they decided he should move and and achieve his life dream, to explore the land, and a new protector would step up. Now unprotected by the stopped time he searched the land to find a dream. After witnessing a wrestling match in England he decided to make his way to the states to find a good wrestling school in which to train. After being discovered by the gm of the All-American Wrestling Association he plans to make a name for himself.

Shadow Knight
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