After Match Celebration

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After Match Celebration

Post by DaPheNom on Tue Mar 16, 2010 10:05 pm

Upon winning His Latest Championship Daphenom is overjoyed and dedicates his victory to his fallen spirits and his villiage people

"Yes thats what i came here For and finally my work effort and hardwork is starting to pay off."

Then Suddenly Daphenom is once again greeted by the same mistery man that approached him the week before.
"Hey Daphenom yes indeed you are a worthy champion however you didnt do it without my help."
Says the mystery man Menacingly

"What was that? i did this buy myself i won the belt with no help and no interferance"

Shouted Daphenom.

The mystery man then walks to daphenom and shows footage of Afrosamurais semifinal match. And smiles

"Well you think his loss was due to his own doing, Nope I was the one that made him loose, to ensure that you would stand the best possible chance at winning the belt as you two are so evenly matched i couldnt have afforded you loosin to him."

Daphenom in intense rage Shouts at the mystey man and showed a side of him that few knew he ever possessed.

"Look Right i didnt come on here for any favours and if it was you that made him loose his semifinal and robbed him of a final with me then i have no option but to"..............

The Mystery man smiles and extends his hand open for a well timed hand shake and embrace.

Instead Daphenom picks up mystery man And Executes a Lengendary phenomical end on his oponent.

Daphenom stands above oponent and says with intense rage.

"No one and i mean no one fixes matches for me No one, i will win and loose if it ever gets to that at my own accord thats the honor of the villiage despite me and afro's differences we still share the same ethics"

Has the Audience seen a new and noble side of Daphenom, only time will tell as he walks into the distance sorounded by flickerin lights and intense smoke as he fades into the distance.

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Re: After Match Celebration

Post by RonaldReedijk on Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:38 pm

RonaldReedijk runs after Daphenom and come near him

Hold on Daphenom, first I wanna congratulat you on your win, you win it straight and fair, but think of 1 thing, be proud of it, as long as you have it, before you know, you lost it

RonaldReedijk turns around and walks away
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