Confrontation between Magnificent Max and...

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Confrontation between Magnificent Max and...

Post by Magnificent Max on Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:33 pm

Tracy is going to the locker room to get an interview from Magnificent Max. Max is preparing for his match, looking calm, relaxed and with a smile on his face.

Tracy: Hello Max. How are you feeling before clashing with DocSpock in One Fall?

Max: Hey Tracy. I´m feeling quite good, as I know DocSpock and it´s just gonna be a warm-up match for The Comeback, at least for us.

Tracy: As you know him, what do you think about the attack on him from MAWfia on the previous show?

Max: I´ve been talking to him and that was certainly a low blow from the MAWfia. They would be nothing, if we could face them one-on-one, I´m quite sure of that.

DonDunn enters the locker room and you hear the crowd´s booing.

Tracy: Thanks Max, it has been a pleasure talking to you.

Tracy leaves as she understood that things might get heated up in the locker room.

Max: Hey´ve got a match tonight? I wasn´t aware of that.

DonDunn: Thank you for your concern, but I´m just scouting some people on tonight´s show...including you. Just want to make sure you won´t stick your nose into our business.

Max: Your business? Why the hell I should be interested in your business? I even don´t know what you mean by that!

DonDunn: Don´t play a fool, Max. I know exactly that you´re not really tolerating our "little" attack on Spock last I highly advise you to concentrate on your tonight´s match with it. It would even please me, when you would even to expect to get something out from this match, if you know what I mean...the MAWfia would be very pleased.

Max: Only in your wet dreams, DonDunn. Betraying my friend for you fools? No talent, no sad

DonDunn: We´ll see about that...

DonDunn leaves the locker room with a smirk on his face and the camera fades to black.
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