Preparing for the title (open for Cyber T)

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Preparing for the title (open for Cyber T)

Post by KristyDQT on Mon Mar 15, 2010 7:04 am

The camera shows the hallway in the backstage area as it zooms in it catches KristyDQT talking with JiJi.

KristyDQT angry: What in the world was that last week, have you found any clues to who put that old video of me wrestling on the titan tron?

JiJi: No, ive tried to find proof, but so far havent been able to confirm anything.

KristyDQT: i am sure Magnificent Max is behind all this. Just because he couldnt take the heat in our last match, he makes the only danish/filipino superstaaaaar in the world look bad now. I should just go and squash him.

JiJi: I think you're right, but we don't know for sure if its him or not give me a little more time. Don't let it get too you. *gently touches his cheek* Afterall you have a match with Cyber T tonight.

KristyDQT: Damn MAW management give me a matchup tonight, when i should be preparing for the match this Saturday at MAW's first PPV- The Comeback, as i go one on one with the big fat mob guy DonDunn for the Maximum Action Title.

JiJi: Don't stress yourself out KristyDQT, i'll make sure you'll be in shape for the match. Now you just make sure that you win it!

KristyDQT: Yes, yes one match at a time, lets take down that Cybernetic Freak and then i can start concentrating on DonDunn.

(open to u cyber t if u want in, else i will just let them walk off)

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Re: Preparing for the title (open for Cyber T)

Post by Cyba on Mon Mar 15, 2010 2:53 pm

*Cyber T apparently to be standing by at the corner and seem to hear everything*

Cyber T:Cybernetic Freak huh? ha ha, you seem to be good at create funny name, you should have one for yourself oh wait, don't tell me that the only danish thing is? Nah it can't be, that name is kind of lame if you ask me , you sure know how to do better right?

Cyber T:By the way, how come I have to be in the same ring with you? I got more important thing to do but yet the GM put me up against you? What a waste of time

Cyber T:Oh and you , what your name ahh Kiwi? no no hmm I can't remember

*JiJi look upset*

Cyber T:look whatever your name is, you should take a good picture of him while you can because after tonight match, his face might not be the same after he got kick and punch in the face by me

*JiJi look even more upset*

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