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No Time For Talk

Post by Gast on Sun Mar 14, 2010 10:55 pm

Bobby Black is standing back stage as he spots a MAW star walking his way.
Bobby indicates to his camera man to follow him as he goes for an interview.
Bobby: DocSpock! DocSpock could you spare a minute of your time for a quick interview?
DocSpock stops and says nothing.
He has multiple bandages all over his face and head and is using a crutch to act as an aid to help him stand.
All remnants of the brutal attack by the MAWfia on him at Maximum Carnage on Sunday.
DocSpock: What? I'm heading to the ring for my match so make it quick.
Bobby: Errr you sure you want to wrestling in that state ... I don't think they let you in the ring with a crutch and it seems like a stiff breeze could blow you over without it. It doesn't seem very "Logical" to wrestle when you are so injured heh.
Bobby gives a little snigger and smirk.
DocSpock looks at Bobby with a very unamused look on his and as quick as an adder whips the crutch up and cracks bobby around the head with it knocking him down to the ground and gets the crutch back under him to support his weight.
Bobby is lying on the ground maoning nursing an ope wound that is seeping blood from his head.
DocSpock moves over to stand over him.
DocSpock: What isn't logical around here is getting sarcastic to a man with a crutch in his hands, espeically one that enjoys wrapping it around little annoying worms' heads. As for my fight tonight logic dictates I need to go out there and put on a good performance so Darius will grant me the pleasure of facing these MAWfia (censored) on my own terms.
DocSpock looks up at the camera with fury in his face.
DocSpock: They ... Will ... Pay!
DocSpock hobbles off screen as the camera man puts the camera down to attend to Bobby.


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