A Reason

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A Reason

Post by submarineguy on Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:28 pm

camera fades in showing booker hard at work in his office. Suddenly:
Suddenly Booker is seen ducking under his desk as his door fly's over his desk and smashes into the picture of Booker on the wall behind the desk...... Sub is literally right behind the door and is seen standing on Bookers desk waiting for the Shocked G.M. to rise up.
Subsays: What is the reason you choose to try to embarass me? Yes, I had an off night in the tournament. So you think you can book a match with the great sub, and try to sneak in a cheap win?....I warn you, I learn from every match. I trained hard during the interim, and will surprise you. Kind of like I just did with your office door. I am not afraid to confront the g.m.........................===========>
When I do surprise you, and pin you, I think something should be on the line. I would like to be guest G.M.. Therefore, if I win tonight, I shall be annointed guest g.m. for the week. This should let you know, you can't just run around booking matchs just because you think you can win!.....Do you have the guts to put it on the line? If you do.... You may choose the repercussion if you win.

camera man, fans, and sub: await... the still adjusting to what just happened in his office booker... to get his wits about him, and reply.

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