tue 03/09/10 Stario interview

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tue 03/09/10 Stario interview

Post by Gast on Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:44 am

Bobby Black: Hello fans, I`m here backstage with the great Stario! Stario, what are your thoughts for your match against Shynobi, tonight?

Stario: My thoughts? I`m going out to win. I know I can beat Shynobi, and I`m in the shape of my life right now. Shynobi has no chance to take the stars down, because my quickness, my technique, and my indomitable ambition to win is nothing this guy can handle.

Bobby Black: you look pretty confident indeed, thank you for your short comment.

While Stario wants to leave, he suddenly stops looking to Shynobi who stands in front of him. Staredown between both competitors. Shynobi slowly starts to speak..

Shynobi: your quickness, your technique and your will to win... wow, pretty impressive little dwarf. Don`t you ever thought those things might not be enought to beat me? Might not be enough to be successfull here at Maximum Force? You`re so ingenuous! but don`t mind. I will show you how things are done here, for free.
Slight smile on Shynobis face..
Shynobi: little mexican..
Stario: nos vemos en el ring, essay!
Hope your ar ok with it, shynobi Wink


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