after subs match

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after subs match

Post by submarineguy on Tue Mar 02, 2010 3:23 pm

If sub wins: Step 1 complete. Sub will now reset solutions to next target. Calculations are already under way. The lesson: no matter the situation, always try your best!

If sub loses: Sub is dejected after not acheiving his goal, sitting on ring edge shaking his head. Sub lowers his head and sulks out of the arena, stopping to take one last look back at what could of been. Looks up at the tron as it is airing the last move sequence that did sub in. Sub signals he will be back, and be stronger.

OOC: In S1 we run after match rp's too, to help establish rivalries and such. If you don't want these, just let me know. They are usually pasted in after the announcers comments, or after match if no commentary. Let me know if you don't want these.

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