Silent Fighter Bio and Gimmick

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Silent Fighter Bio and Gimmick

Post by Silent Fighter on Thu Feb 25, 2010 4:15 am

NickName:Silent Fighter
Wrestler Class: Technique
Gimmick: Tweener

Ring Attire:Silent Fighter goes to the Ring with Black Gloves and White Shorts
With Black stripes.He wears White Nike's and has a Tattoo of a dragon on his back.

Life:When Silent Fighter was a 13 year old,he always wanted to be a wrestler.His dad occupation
always traveled to diffrent countries. So Silent Fighter stayed with his mom.His Kick Boxing coach
was a inspiration to him.The Coach trained Silent Fighter very well in submissions and taught
Silent Fighter his ultimate Trademark the Reverse Figure Four.They had a great relationship,but
The Coach died from a heartattack and devasted Silent Fighter.When Silent Fighter turned 17
,he started to compete in tourneyments and won 5 out of 12 of them.Silent Fighter Thought About
wrestling and he tried it for a shot.Silent Fighter Became very talented in it and started to compete
in wrestling for 3 years til he made it in his permanent federation.. Silent Fighter made it in MAW and Wants
to become there best fighter in MAW.

Bio: So Silent Fighter is a arrogant Fighter who thinks heis the best.He relies on his fantastic Submission moves and
will do anything to win a match.

Trademarks:Modified Reverse Figure Four,Modified Cobra Clutch Suplex,and
Modified Bicycle kick.
Finishers: Fighter Lock, Silent Twist, and Silent Assination.

Silent Fighter
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