Spectacular is my middle name

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Spectacular is my middle name

Post by Spectaculus on Wed Feb 24, 2010 8:19 pm

Bobby Black followed by a cameraman enter Spectaculus's locker room. Spectaculus is sitting on a small wooden chair holding a big wetstone and sharpening his spear.

Bobby Black: "Umm.. Hello Spec may we interrupt you for a min or two?"

Spectaculus gives Bobby a short glance then gets back to sharpening his spear. Bobby is left standing there unaware for 5 minutes when Spectaculus finally puts the spear aside and gets up from his chair.

Spec: "Sure, sure.. Got to keep the equipment in good shape.. Never know when you might need it.. I have a couple of minutes to spare then I got to work on my other spear if you know what I mean.."

He looks over to the shower door, it opens and a black haired girl comes out wearing nothing but a small towel.. She walks over to the sofa and makes herself comfortable.

Bobby Black: "Ugh.. Yeah.. So Spec you were the first ever superstar that got signed to MAW, that must mean something right there! We are all waiting to see your abilities inside the ring!"

Gary Smith: "I wouldn't mind seeing his abilities outside the ring too Dave, that girls is haaawwwttt!!"

Dave Jones: "Shut up Gary, that girl doesn't look over 18 years old.. She's still a baby!"

Gary Smith: "She will soon be a woman.."

Spec : "Yes.. I was.. Signing me is the best move anyone could make, I always supply the goods, each and everyone of my matches is an event to remember, every kid would want to buy my merchandise.. I think of myself as a business investment.. MAW has made a great deal."

Bobby Black : "I bet you are right Spec.. Now a couple of words about your first match against Magnificent Max, he is a capable and accomplished wrestler, do you have a plan for your match?"

Spec : "A match plan? ME?! Who do you think you talking to mate? I do not make plans! I step into the ring and I come all out with my Spartan might and destroy every opponent I face, and will continue doing so in my match against Max, he maybe is Magnificent but I.. I am freaking SPECTACULAR!!!"

Spectaculas shoves Bobby and the cameraman out of the door and slams it shut.

Dave Jones : "A bit arrogant and unfriendly Gary, I hope Max gives him something to think about!"

Gary Smith : "Don't we have any cameras inside Specs locker room? I would definately like to see some of his free time activities!"

Dave Jones : "Won't you ever grow up?"

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