Introduction of Magnificent Max

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Introduction of Magnificent Max

Post by Magnificent Max on Wed Feb 24, 2010 7:12 pm

Magnificent Max is warming up as Tracy comes to interview him.

Tracy: Max, how are you feeling before the clash between you and Spectaculus coming right up?

Max: I´m feeling just fine and confident, like I should, after all, it´s my MAW debut.

Tracy: Glad to hear that. However, aren´t you a bit afraid of Spectaculus? He´s beaten up some famous names quite easily.

Max: Yeah, I know he´s a tough opponent, but like always, I´m giving a 100% out of myself and won´t be easy to beat also. I hope my magnificent fans are helping me out with chants, I would appreciate that.

The arena is filled with cheers as Max smiles to Tracy.

Tracy: As we can see, you´ve got a lot of fans. Talking about Maximum Action did they managed to snatch you up?

Max: I´ve known the General Manager since high school when we were in the wrestling squad together and he´s a great guy and a friend. I didn´t resitate, when the offer came up. I got some pretty good offers...but for him...I didn´t really looked at them.

Tracy: Okay, it was nice to hear from you and good luck with the oncoming match-up against Spectaculus in One Fall.

Max: The pleasure is all mine.

Fans are cheering as the interview ends and the camera fades to black.

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