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Post by KristyDQT on Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:42 am

The light in the arena goes out. Lightning strikes a few places in the near of the titantron before a video starts playing.

Video: In one corner the national flag of Denmark in the other corner the national flag of the philippines. Standing in the middle are two silhouettes, seemingly motionless. Screen goes black, then rapidly starts spitting out a message.
A new federation.....a new beginning......They have caused havoc in numerous federations....they have caused fear in the independent scene....on saturday.....MAW presents the wrestling future.....

The video stops and the lights go back on, the audience looks puzzled about who the two silhouettes were.

Dave Jones: It looks like the future of wrestling arrives here at MAW- Maximum Carnage on saturday.

Gary Smith: Lets hope it's a good one. I do think, i know who they are.

Dave Jones looks excited: Ahhh, would you care to fill me and the rest of our viewers in on your guess?

Gary Smith: No, not really...

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